Portal for information on the industrial mining sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo



This site is a documentation library for mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was developed by The Carter Center office in Katanga as part of its Governance program Minière, with the objective of facilitating access to information that is often dispersed and difficult to find.

The site contains more than 2000 documents classified by

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The documentation aims to cover all stages of the value chain: access to natural resources (signature of contracts, allocation of mining titles), monitoring of mining operations, the payment of taxes and the collection of revenue from operations mining, translation of these receipts into budget lines, and social investments for sustainable development.

In addition, the site is equipped with a mapping tool to show a geographical representation of the changes and variations within the mining sector.

This documentation center, which was once on the industrial mining of South Katanga has been extended to other Provinces of the country, with the assistance of the Kivu Mines House (MMKI) and the Natural Resources Consultation Center (CDC / RN), two civil society organizations involved in the mining sector in the Kivu and in the Eastern Province respectively.

Ce site a été développé en partenariat avec Moabi RDC, une initiative indépendante de suivi de l’utilisation des ressources naturelles en République Démocratique du Congo.

Moabi has produced an on-line platform to monitor the forests of the DRC. To facilitate data collection, Moabi partners with civil society organizations, government agencies and the private sector.